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How many times has this happened
to you

The day was perfect. You had been looking forward to it for a long time. Tonight, in your home, some of your favorite people would gather. Good friends and family. Good food. Lots of laughter. A fun evening was just what the doctor ordered. With a little luck, the evening would be a clinic on the masterful art of grilling. And you would have the grill singing, making beautiful food all evening.

But luck wasn't with you that night. The chicken you grilled was dry. Tasteless. Overcooked. The steaks burned. And those beautiful vegetables you picked out so carefully at the market that morning were reduced to a mushy overcooked mess. How did this happen?

You love grilling! But the results have always been hit and miss for you. Sometimes, you grill everything to perfection. And you feel like a Master of the Grill.

Then, there are the other times . . . times like that night. Nothing seems to go right. And you’re embarrassed as your guests politely choke down your barely edible disaster.

Worse, it’s a waste of good food. And an expensive lesson in how not to grill good food.

The problem is you’re still not really sure what you're doing wrong.

Now. Imagine . . .

Now. Imagine knowing that every time you plan a Great Cookout for your family, friends, and yourself, it will be perfect. You know before you fire up the grill - it's going to be right this time. Every time.

There has to be a secret to getting it right – every time. Right?

Yes. There is. Great Grillmasters know all the secrets to grilling the perfect meal every time. Mastering the art of grilling is about getting the fundamentals right - every time.

Now You Can Know What
Great Grillmasters Know

Now, in our comprehensive A Grillmaster’s Guide to Great Grilling, their tips and secrets are secret no more. We show you everything you need to know to succeed.

You'll learn:

  • How grilling is a combination of cooking on the stove and in the oven. Page 4.
  • Why you should not turn food too often while grilling and how to check when food is ready to be turned. Page 5.
  • How often you should turn a steak while grilling it. Page 5.
  • The hardest skill to teach about successful grilling. Page 5.
  • The first thing you need to master in successful grilling. Page 6.
  • The right way to build a charcoal fire. Page 6.
  • The one thing that guarantees you’ll get great grilled food every time. Page 6.
  • Why using lighter fluid to start a charcoal fire is not a great idea and some much better alternatives. Page 7.
  • The difference between cooking with direct and indirect heat. Page 8.
  • What a two-zone cooking system is and how to create one. Page 8.
  • When to grill with direct heat. Page 9.
  • The best way to test cooking temperatures. Page 9.
  • When to grill with indirect heat. Page 11.
  • Dual burner gas grill or charcoal grill. What’s the difference and which is best? Page 11.
  • The snake method and when to use it. Page 12.
  • What you need to know about cooking with wood chips and chunks. Page 13.
  • 18 great preparation tips that will save you time and prevent errors. Page 14.
  • How the weather affects grilling times. Page 16.
  • What you need to know about rubs. Page 17.
  • How to sear steaks and other foods the right way. Page 18.
  • How to grill chicken the right way. Page 22.
  • How to buy the right fish and salmon and then grill them to perfection. Page 23.
  • Ribs to die for! How to get it right every time. Page 25.
  • Which vegetables grill the best? Page 29.
  • Cook appetizers on the grill? Oh yes. We show you how. Page 31.
  • Grilled desserts are not just for campfires. Get dessert recipes you never thought you could make on the grill. Page 33.
  • What’s a grilling guide without recipes? Get bonus recipes. Page 36.

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