Let Us Adore Him Apron

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O come, let us adore Him …

And so begins the refrain from one of the world’s most beloved Christmas hymns, O Come All Ye Faithful. When we saw the Brother Sister Design Studio fabric “Adore Him,” it instantly moved us. It just said “Christmas” so clearly that we knew we wanted to create something from it that would fill the person wearing it with that same joy throughout the year. So, introducing the “Let Us Adore Him” apron.

What You Get in the Let Us Adore Him Apron

First, you get a premium fabric; this is a 100% cotton quilting-strength fabric. After all, it’s not just pretty; it’s an apron, and its function is to protect your clothing from being soiled or stained. And, it’s lightweight enough to wear comfortably throughout the day if you desire.

Even after multiple washings, your apron will hold both its colors and its ability to guard your clothing against penetrating stains. We begin with quality fabrics because we expect our aprons to last. And they do.

Next, all our aprons are lined. As with most, you’ll find a full-body Kona cotton lining in the Let Us Adore Him apron. This one is a deep navy blue that fully complements the fabric. We use only the best lining because it adds another layer of protection between spills and your clothing.

And do you require pockets in your apron? We do. This one has four. And they’re wide and deep pockets because they’re designed to actually be useful. Think of the things you need to keep up with during the course of the day: your cellphone, eyeglasses, keys, more? No more wondering where they are. You have four handy pockets to store them in.

Want more? How about top-stitching? Every apron we make is top-stitched to give it a more professional look and make it more durable. We design aprons to last.

Best, get the perfect fit when you put on your Let Us Adore Him apron. At 30 x 30 inches, our aprons fit most adults comfortably.

Both men and women complain that other aprons they’ve bought fit tightly across their chest. Not this one. The 13-inch wide bib ensures that you get more room if you need it. This apron is made to fit. The secret is our adjustable strap.

Adjustable Strap: The Secret to a Perfect Fit

We know that not everyone wears a bib apron the same way: some people like the bib high; others like it low. Well, with our drawstring strap, you get to wear it your way. It lets you adjust your apron any way you want it. (Watch as one of our customers demonstrates how easy it is to get a perfect fit at any size, using our adjustable strap.) It’s just a simple solution that works.

Caring for Your Apron Is Easy

Here’s how:

  1. Machine wash cold.
  2. Don’t use chlorine bleach.
  3. Remove it from the machine immediately.
  4. Then, line dry or tumble dry on low.

Remember, you get:

  • 100% premium cotton
  • Full navy blue Kona cotton lining
  • 4 generous pockets
  • Approx. 30 in. L x 30 in. W
  • One size fits most
  • Adjustable drawstring strap

And, you have my guarantee that all my aprons are made with love in my smoke-free, pet-free home.

Only 1 left in stock

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Our new Christmas apron from Carol’s Holiday Aprons Collection is called “Let Us Adore Him.” It features:

  • 100% premium cotton
  • Full navy blue Kona cotton lining
  • 4 generous pockets
  • Approx. 30 in. L x 30 in. W
  • One size fits most
  • Adjustable drawstring strap

This is not a licensed Brother Sister Design Studio product.
It is, however, handcrafted from a licensed Brother Sister Design Studio fabric.
I am not affiliated with or sponsored by Brother Sister Design Studio.


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