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Do you love really hot food? The spicier, the better? Then, we’ve got an apron that’s sure to be perfect for you. Introducing the Really Hot Chilies apron.

It’s made from a beautiful Farmer John Organic Red Chili Peppers fabric.

5 Features You’ll Love in Our Really Hot Chilies Apron

From our adjustable tie, down to the hem, our aprons are known for their quality.

1. We start with a premium quality fabric. Even after multiple washings, our aprons hold both their colors and their ability to protect clothing from being penetrated and stained. Your Really Hot Chilies apron will still pop with vibrant red chilies colors after every washing.

2. Our aprons are fully lined. As with most of our aprons, the Really Hot Chilies apron is lined with premium quality Kona cotton. (This one is a gorgeous forest green!) We use a full-body quality lining because it adds another layer between spills and your clothing. Further, full-body coverage means full protection.

3. Next, we top-stitch our aprons. Top-stitching simply makes clothing look more finished, more professional. That’s important to us because we want you to feel special when you put on one of our aprons. You’ll even feel proud showing off your apron to company when you entertain.

4. Pockets! What’s an apron without pockets, right? The Really Hot Chilies apron gives you four wide and deep pockets. We design apron pockets with the intention to provide a convenient place to keep the things you need while you cook. That way your hands can be free. Cell phone, recipes, glasses, tongs? Go ahead. You’ve got the space in your four wide and deep pockets.

5. If that’s not enough, here’s more: Expect a perfect fit when you tie on your Really Hot Chilies apron. At a 30-inch width by 30-inch length, it fits most adults comfortably.

Both men and women complain that other aprons they’ve bought fit tightly across their chest. Not ours. This apron is made to fit. The secret is our adjustable strap.

Our Adjustable Drawstring Tie Means You Get a Perfect Fit

Did we say 5 great features you’ll love? Stand by for #6: our adjustable drawstring tie will give you the most comfortable fit you’ve ever had in an apron. Why? We’ve created a one-piece strap that is fully adjustable from your neck to your waist. It ties in one place – at the waist – and lets you wear your apron your way. And the ties are extra long, so everyone gets a comfortable fit.

We know that people wear their bib aprons differently – some like the bib high; others wear it low. Our drawstring tie lets you adjust yours any way you want it. Just hold the bib where the tie feeds through. Then, pull the tie up or down to adjust the height. The tie ensures all sizes get a comfortable fit. It’s simple. Better, it works. (Watch as one of our customers demonstrates how easy it is to get a perfect fit at any size, using our adjustable drawstring tie.)

How to Care for Your “Really Hot Chilies” Apron

We kept it simple:

  • Wash in cold water.
  • Don’t use chlorine bleach.
  • Remove immediately from the washer when done.
  • Then, line dry or use a low setting in the dryer.

To recap, with your Really Hot Chilies apron, you get:

  • Premium quality 100% cotton
  • Full green Kona cotton lining
  • 4 wide and deep pockets
  • Approx. 30 in. L x 30 in. W
  • One size fits most
  • One-piece adjustable drawstring tie

As with all my aprons, this was made in my smoke-free, pet-free home.

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Our “Really Hot Chilies” apron from Carol’s Glorious Food Aprons Collection features:

  • Premium quality 100% cotton
  • Full green Kona cotton lining
  • 4 generous pockets
  • Approx. 30 in. L x 30 in. W
  • One size fits most
  • Adjustable drawstring strap

This is not a licensed Hudson product.
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