Suzanna Aguirre

Store Bought Aprons Do Not Fit Me Well

These aprons are so awesome! Store bought aprons do not fit me well. I'm short; therefore, the neck is always too big and I end up tying it into a knot so it stays put around the neck. After wearing an apron for a certain length of time, the knot begins to bother me. Specialty Aprons & More aprons have an adjustable strap that runs from one side to the other, allowing me to tighten the strap around my neck with the same strap I use to tie the apron at the waist. This is an awesome feature! I love that they are lined, therefore providing double protection against spills and/or splatters from a hot stove. Did I mention pockets! 4 good size pockets to hold my phone, papers, tissue, etc. I am so happy with every apron I have purchased. The prints are bright and the feel of these fabrics is soft to the touch. I love everything this apron has to offer. I would definitely recommend these aprons to family and friends!

Barbie Rissel

This Apron Is a Mobile Stationery Tote

My area of specialty involves writing utensils and sheaths of paper. My ammo comes in the form of postage and decorative adhesives. I mention this because I've employed my apron to work as a keeper of these treasures. I journal, write my correspondence and to-do lists all over the apartment, usually with my phone ready to help with a translation. I share this so you can take a mental snapshot of me dressed all comfy with apron on and pockets loaded! I considered using it in the kitchen, but then where would I set my notepad, pens, favorite glue stick, and tapes? Exactly! Not an option. This apron is a mobile stationery tote!

Nancy in Chateau apron

Customer Nancy G. sent us this picture of herself wearing our Chateau apron in her kitchen.