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It all started a couple of years ago,  when I decided to make my granddaughter a quilt for her bed.  She was getting her own room for the first time and she wanted a pink and lavender quilt. My sister-in-law has been sewing for years, so I asked her if she would show me how to make one.  Every Wednesday, for months, I would drive to Yorba Linda for a lesson.

When browsing the fabric stores, I would see fabrics that reminded me of each of my grandchildren.  Some are in sports; some love the beach and surfing; others are into music, dance, or cheer. How fun it would be to make each of them a quilt. And so I did.

For Christmas that year, I made each of my 11 grandchildren a personalized quilt based on the things that he or she loved.

I was hooked!

Special Gifts Begin with Quality Fabric

I loved the softness of a good quality cotton fabric. It’s so touchable, and it just makes you feel special. Wanting to share this feeling, I decided I would make beautiful gifts – aprons – for some of my friends and extended family.   I wanted them to be something useful as well as beautiful and personal.  When you give a gift that reminds you of that person, it makes him or her feel loved . . . and listened to: “Oh my gosh,  you do know me.”

Not My Grandmother’s Apron

The more I thought about it, the more I remembered my grandmother always wearing her same plain beige apron.  I don’t even remember her without an apron. That’s why when I decided to make aprons, I chose patterns and fabric that would  feel personalized and be fun as well.

The more I shopped for fabrics, the more engaged and thrilled I was to find just the right soft beautiful fabric.  I’d look at a fabric, feel its softness, look at its color palette, and imagine the artist that first thought of the design. Why did the designer choose these colors, and how did she imagine them being used? Each artist has his or her own flavor and style.

Aprons and Making Memories

When you were young, did you ever do fun things with your family and friends? Not necessarily spectacular things but really fun? Simple fun that still puts a smile on your face when you remember those times? Did you cook your favorite foods? Bake cookies? Dance to your favorite music? Play a game? Paint? Plant flowers? Wash the dog? Take trips together? Whisper to one another about your dreams? . . .

Whatever you did, you were building memories.

My memories, the ones I built as a youngster as well as the ones I built as a Mom and now a Grandma, are some of the inspirations behind my Specialty Aprons . . . and More.

On this site, you will find fun aprons for men, women, and children:

and More to come.

I hope you’re having as much fun browsing my aprons as I had making them.

Unless otherwise noted, every apron is made of premium quality 100% cotton. I also use Kona cotton to line them. And what’s an apron without pockets? Exactly. That’s why you’ll find a generous number of large pockets on every apron.

Do you just hate the way some aprons become a nuisance around your neck after you tie them? Well, so do I! That’s why I use the adjustable strap you’ll find on virtually every apron I make. Whether you’re short or tall; petite or beautifully full figured; a child, woman, or man, you’ll find this is the most comfortable apron you’ve ever worn. Why? Because you can adjust it to fit YOU.

We put a lot of time and effort into this site, and we hope you enjoy it. We’ll be adding new aprons and articles all the time, so don’t be a stranger.

If you need to reach out to me, just visit the “Contact Us” page and get in touch! Thanks for visiting SpecialtyApronsAndMore.com!